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Thomas Thuruthel

C.Ph.,M.A., B.Ed., LL.B.

The greatest gift God gave to ‘Homo Sapiens’ is the freedom to choose - to choose between good and evil; - a gift not bestowed on other mortals. It is the most impotent gift that sets us apart from the rest of creation. Right choice leads to happiness.
The part that an educator plays in this divine plan is to educate the young to make the right choices.
A school is a temple of knowledge. The home is the first school. The parents are the first educators. It is correctly said “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”
The school is a bridge that connects the home and society. The educators are to help the faltering steps of a child as it steps out of the protective environment of the home under the watchful eye of its parents. At every fall during his sojourn on this bridge, a child should be helped to rise stronger and higher till it is ready to face the challenges of an ever demanding society confronted with conflicting social and moral values.
Our school is a model family. Our Father in Heaven is the Head of this family. Virtue and Wisdom is our motto. We try to inculcate in our students love of God, love of their motherland, patriotic fellow feeling and the idea of a world citizenship with a humanistic approach to all problems. We believe that knowledge cannot enter without mental and physical discipline. Hence discipline is put at the top of our priorities. Our endeavour is to educate our students to face the realities of this world with a positive frame of mind - chart their own path perfecting whatever creative and innate qualities they are endowed with. Imitation is not our aim but self-improvement is our goal. With a team of young, qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic educators, we hope to help our students in their physical, mental and moral development. We encourage them to look upon fellow human beings as brothers and sisters irrespective of wealth, status, language, region or religion in the name and under the paternal eye of the all loving Father in Heaven.




St.Xavier's School,Siliguri


St.Xavier's School,Siliguri


St.Xavier's School,Siliguri


St.Xavier's School,Siliguri

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