Transportation :

1. The school does not arrange any transport by cycle rickshaws or vans and discourages Parents from hiring small vehicles to transport their children to school.

2. The school arranges for transport by bus with private contractors apart from plying its own buses wherever feasible.

3. School Bus facilities will be available only to limited number of students in each route according to the capacity of the bus. Bus passes will be issued to those using the bus.

4. Bus fee is to be paid with the tuition fee for all twelve months of the year. The Computer and Bus fee are in the same fee book.

5. One month’s notice in lieu of one month’s fee is to be paid before withdrawing a child from the bus. However, after the month of November bus fee is to be paid till the month of March.

6. The bus will stop at fixed stops only. In case the student misses the bus he/ she is expected to reach the school by other means.

7. Parents/ Guardians and students are expected to pay due respect to the driver and helper of the bus.

8. Students are expected to obey the bus monitors and be well behaved in the bus as well as at the bus stands.

9. Those not in school uniform may be barred from boarding the bus.

10. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to enter or travel by the school bus.

11. Students must bring their bus passes daily failing which they may be barred from boarding the bus.

12. The school cannot be held responsible for any untoward accident that may occur on the road.

13. School bus service will not be provided for students writing Board Examinations(ICSE & ISC examinations). Parents / Guardians are expected to personally arrange the transport of their wards to and from the examination centres for ICSE and ISC examinations.

14. Students should not be taken out of the bus by anyone except at the specified bus stops. Parents/Guardians who want their ward not to return by bus, must inform the receptionist well in advance before the student boards the bus.

15. Parents must enquire with the school for availability of seats before changing their bus mid session. seats are not guaranteed.

16. Parents are requested not to call drivers on their mobile phone while they are transporting children. All the buses have GPS devices to track their where about.

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